The Rolls Royce Phantom 

The World Most Luxury Car

 Complete Customer Satisfaction.

The Rolls Royce Ghost.Our competent team is always ready to lend a friendly ear to your concerns, and we will be happy to welcome you to Elite Limo Mississippi LLC. We want you to enjoy, your time with us. We are here to make sure we provid everything to your satisfaction.

Allow us to take the time to give you our thoroughly sound advice, according to your requirements. Our competent  personnel will provide you with all the information you need on the model of your choice, to ensure you that we provid you with the best rates available.


Private Jet Rental, International Flight Planning

Our team will make your international arrival as smooth sailing as possible

We simplify and shorten your customs experience, collect necessary documents or permits and conduct 24-hour global monitoring of every flight.

Aircraft Rental Maintenance

Nothing is left up to only the operator.

Federally licensed and regulated technicians consistently ensure your aircraft is accessible and meets frequent and rigorous maintenance, inspection and safety standards.

The Safest Aircrafts And Pilots In The Industry

We enhance safety standards through industry inspection leaders such as Wyvern and Argus international to bring you the safest planes in the world.

Every plane you book through Elite Limo Mississippi LLC goes through rigorous third-praty inspections. With Elite, you fly with high qualifed pilots. Plus, every operator and pilot is thoroughly vetted through Wyvern, so you can fly with peace-of-mind. And of course every pilot and craft meets rigorous regulatory standards.

                                          Meteorology Team

                                                     Meteorology Team

 How would you like to fly by private Jet, drastically reduce your flight costs over traditional private Jet programs, and have access to the widest variety of over 22,000 different aircraft worldwide, available to be chartered on - demand without having to signup to an expensive jet card program.Your Time Is Precious. And There's No Room For Error. That's Why We Make It Our Mission To Make Your Aviation Needs As Smooth And Comfortable As Possible. Elite Limo Mississippi LLC has you covered with our network of meteorological experts to help plan your flight. Our network of experts specifically monitors weather patterns for your flight, anywhere in the world. From take-off to landing, you'll know what to expect in advance, and you'll get SMS text messages before each flight giving you the forecast for that day.

We Have Highly Experienced Flight Coordinators

 Scheduling & Dispatch Team.

 The Safest Aircrafts And Pilots In The Industry


We Have Highly Experienced Flight Coordinators

Elite Limo Mississippi LLC is a foreign air broker and Transportation company. It is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All flights are to be operated by properly licensed air carriers or foreign air carriers. All services are subject to the tems and conditions available. Elite limo Mississippi LLC does not carry additional liability Insurance. Passengers are covered by aircraft operator insurance. We Work With The Best Flight Coordinators In The World. They Manage Flight Information, Adjust Scheduling To Suit Your Needs And They Continue To Document Real-Time Events For Flight Crew Throughout Your Journey.

     A Personalized Service

 From Start To Finish.

From our network of professional flight attendants To Our In-House Team Of flight coordinators, everything is carefully designed to meet your needs. When your flight request Is Received, Our Team Works In Unison To Create The Smoothest Itinerary And experience. You won't take-off until a qualified network of Professional flight dispatchers and the Pilot -In-command agree. The flight can take off safely. There are rigorous safety checks undertaken before your flight and throughout.We will have a luxury car or SUV of your choice, awaits for you upon your arrival throughtout your flight.


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Bentley Mulsanne



 Executive Bus.




  White Ghost

Rolls Royce  Ghost



  CT Coach Bus 




Yukon ​XL



Mercedes Sprinter Business. 



 Private Jet 





Private Jet Rental With Black SUV Service.



2022 Cadillac




 Mercedes Limo            Sprinter



        F550 Shutter Limo Bus

                CT COACH  LIMO  BUS

       Party Bus


                  Inside    C5500


Elite Mississippi Limousine Inc  where executie transportation is at it's finest. The home of integrity and customer service. We offer top quality service with our Rolls Royce, Bentley, Executive SUV's, Executive Buses, party Buses, And Private jet Rental. At Elite Limo Mississippi LLC we take pride in taking care of our clients every need. Costomer service is one of our main focus point. At Elite Limo Mississippi LLC we make your reservation with us as comfortable and smoothly as possible.

Whether it's for a special occasion or just to give you a relaxed, stress-free ride to the place you need to be, you can count on us for reliable and affordable ground transportation and private Jet rental. Call Us Toady At 601-402-8653 we have professional agents available 24/7 to assist you.